5 Benefits of Weightlifting and How to Get Started

5 Benefits of Weightlifting

Weightlifting is more than just gaining muscle mass. Various benefits come with this type of training that most people don’t realize. Strength training isn’t just for experienced athletes and bodybuilders. They can be used in any fitness routine for anybody looking to challenge their goals and get optimal results. Check out these five incredible reasons why lifting weights substantially improve our overall health.

5 Reasons Why Lifting Weights is Great for Your Health

1. Promotes a healthy lifestyle

Not only does weightlifting improve your body composition and physical tone, but it encourages a healthier lifestyle. When one aspect of your health thrives, everything else, like dieting and a positive mindset. Additionally, weightlifting promotes discipline and strong mental health. When you look better, you feel better; when you feel better, you do better!

2. Boosts metabolism and fat loss

There’s a common misconception for ladies that weightlifting will make you look bulky and manly. Wrong! Muscle fights body fat and increases a strong metabolism. There are numerous ways to go about weightlifting, so according to your fitness goals, increase or decrease your repetitions and weights accordingly.

3. Increases physical performance

When your body gets stronger through weightlifting, it can affect other aspects of physical activity. Weightlifting will increase strength and endurance, making whatever sport you train more effective.

4. Improves bone health

Enhance your bone health through weight training. As we age, our bones get weak and brittle, causing future osteoporosis. But weight training can help with our bone density and overall performance.

5. Enhanced mood and energy levels

When implementing weightlifting into your fitness routine, you’ll notice higher energy levels and better moods. Though this goes hand in hand with benefit #1, weightlifting also promotes better quality sleep.

How to Get Started

If you haven’t picked up a pair of dumbells, don’t be intimidated! It’s always best to start somewhere than not to start at all. Follow these three ways to get started!

Focus on form

The key to weightlifting is all about form. Begin by perfecting your form in certain exercises without the weights. This prevents future injury, which is the last thing you want.

Start light and easy.

When you are comfortable with your exercises, gradually add on those weights! Start lightly while focusing on your form.

Gradually add weights

Once you’ve progressed with your form and added weights, slowly add additional weight (if needed). According to your fitness goals, you want to use weights the correct way. Looking to gain muscle mass? Increase your weights and reduce your repetitions. Looking for definition and tone? Increase your repetitions and reduce your weight.