Best Full Body Exercises

Best Full Body Exercises

The best time to work on your health and fitness is today! Some of the best full-body exercises can be done with little to zero weight or accessories. While appropriate weight is important to push yourself, it isn’t always necessary. We’ll be breaking down the best full-body exercises to push your fitness health.

How Exercise Helps The Body

Exercise is important to help the body manage weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Health issues like diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks are all issues that stem from unhealthy habits or genetic conditions.

However, with the help of exercise and diet then, these negative health factors may decrease. Not keeping your health in check may also indirectly cause pain. Often, pain is an indicator of other negative underlying factors. When pain and health issues take over a person’s life, living becomes very difficult.

Squat Lunges To Build Your Size

One of the best full-body exercises is the squat lunge. This workout can be done with weights or your natural body weight. First, start by standing up straight and spreading your feet apart about shoulder length. Then, point your toes outward slightly, but not by a lot. Next, move one step forward while keeping your other leg straight.

As your take that first lunge forward, you should also be lowering your body as well. You want to squat down while bending your knee to a 90-degree angle. Once your foot is in the bottom lowest position, transition to your other foot. The process should repeat itself when moving from one foot to the other foot. This workout targets your legs and core.

Pull-Ups To Gain Strength & Muscle Size

Pull-Ups are one of the best full-body exercises to gain strength & muscle size. This exercise targets the forearms, biceps, back, and core. Pull-Ups require a pull-up bar to perform them correctly. Assisted pull-up machines may also help anyone that can’t pull their body weight. Pull-ups test your strength by making you pull your body up with its natural strength.

Start by standing up straight while maintaining a firm core and back. Then, make your way up to the pull-up bar and grip it firmly. Make sure your grip length is at an even distance. Your palms should face the opposite direction you’re facing. Your palms shouldn’t be facing you during this pull-up variation.

Once you have a tight grip, then pull up while focusing on squeezing your back and arms. Once your neck is above the bar, you’re done with one repetition. Slowly pull down and do another pull-up. Do this workout for 6-12 repetitions for at least 3-5 sets. Do this workout with TENS/EMS technology to help during the exercise.

Full Body Yoga Exercises To Balance The Body

Yoga is another workout in the best full-body exercises. Yoga is a style of training that tests your body’s natural strength in a fun way. Your core and muscle groups feel a burn like never before! There are lots of yoga workouts that can be done, but we’ll be focusing on the downward dog.

Start by placing a comfortable mat on the floor. Doing this workout barefoot and with loose clothing may also help. Once the mat is on the floor, start on all fours. Your knees, toes, and hands should be touching the mat. After that, gently push yourself off the mat.

Your hands and legs should be spread apart at an even length. Keep your neck, back, and legs straight so your body resembles a triangle. Hold this position for 20-60 seconds, then return to the starting position. Once in the starting position then, repeat the yoga movement.

Deadlifts To Target Your Back & Legs

Deadlifts require a kettlebell, barbell, dumbbell, or curl bell to perform. This exercise targets your back, hamstrings, core, and shoulders.

Start by standing up straight while keeping your back and core flexed. Next, spread your feet apart at least shoulder length. Then, point your toes outwards a bit. After that, bend down to grab the barbell or weight. Keep your back straight while bending down. Grip the bar or weight firmly and pull the weight up.

At the top position, the weight should rest at your waist length. Your back and head should be in a straight neutral position during the entire movement. Once at the top lockout position, hold it, then slowly put the weight down. After the first rep, do a few more reps. 6-12 reps for at least 3-15 reps is recommended. The deadlift is one of the best workouts for stronger muscles.