Choosing the Gym for You

Choosing the Gym for You

There are so many different types of gyms to choose from. You may ponder which gym is right for you. Each gym offers amenities, from gym equipment to pools and outdoor tennis courts. There are luxury gyms that provide top-level services, and a variety of gym equipment, and cross-fit gyms specialize in specific workouts dedicated to agility and hardcore fitness goals.

Choosing the right gym for you all comes down to what you are looking to do for your body and the level of comfort you want from your gym. With all the different styles of gyms, it can be challenging to choose one. Take the time to figure out what you want in a gym.

Take a Look at the Different Gyms to Choose From

The Luxury Gym

The gym atmosphere can have much to do with how well you perform your workouts. Luxury gyms offer members high-end services and amenities such as towel service, resort-style pools, and top-level certified personal trainers. Many families can benefit from being members of a luxury gym because they usually offer many different family activities and provide childcare.

Luxury gyms may have many more services than other gyms. However, the price is a lot steeper than other gyms. Luxury gyms can run between $50- $300 a month to access all the amenities.

The Cross Fit Gym

Cross-fit gyms are for those who want to get into extreme shape and take their fitness to the next level. The specific workouts cross fit gym use are designed for high-intensity training for optimal fat burning.

Most CrossFit workouts are done with a group, where you work out as a team to accomplish all the different obstacles together. Crossfit gyms have become extremely popular because of the results they yield.

Women’s Gym

An all-women’s gym is a choice for some women who desire a more relaxed environment without the presence of men. Most of the equipment is the same as a co-ed gym and offers a variety of classes such as yoga, aerobics, and body pump.

The workouts from group fitness classes are designed for women’s physiques to capitalize on their workouts. Many women find working out in a women’s gym to be a more comfortable setting.

Pilates and Yoga Studio

Everywhere you turn, you see new pilates and yoga studios popping up. Pilates and Yoga studios offer classes focusing on mind, body, and spirit. The classes are designed to promote stretching and induce core strength.

When people work out, they are subjected to getting injuries. Yoga helps prevent serious injuries by increasing flexibility in your muscles and joints. Pilates classes are designed to help sculpt your body and strengthen your core. Pilates and Yoga studios are much smaller and provide a more intimate atmosphere.

Dance Studio

Another great way to enhance your fitness is through a dance studio. Dance studios offer an array of different styles of dance classes, from tap, ballet, jazz, and hip hop. Each dance class requires strenuous movement from your body, leaving you with a great workout but probably feeling sore.

Dance classes provide your body with a great amount of cardio. In the typical dance class, you can burn 300-400 calories. Dance studios offer different levels of classes ranging from beginner, intermediate, and advanced, so there is a class for everyone regardless of their experience.