3 Fun Summer Workouts

Summertime is here, which means getting your summer workouts on! The warmer weather means you are going to be showing a lot more skin. From summer pool parties to family beach trips, it’s officially swimsuit season. This means it’s time to pull out your swim trunks or bikinis out of storage and give yourself the summer look over…….., yes that lookover we all dread, viewing ourselves in the mirror to examine how our summer physique looks. When less than ideal, we start to ponder, what exercises will help us change our body for the summer? Getting in summer shape has always been a tradition amongst many people who think about their overall fitness. When we look good, we feel good, even though summer is here it’s never too late to get started on a summer workout routine. Working out has so many benefits from helping you enhance your body to living a healthier lifestyle. Make the most of the rest of the summer; a workout that body and enjoy looking at your newly enhanced physique in the mirror.

Here Are Great Summer Workouts That Can Help You Tone up and Look Your Best This Summer

Get that Summer Swimmers Body

Ever wonder why swimmers are in such excellent lean shape? It mainly comes from all the fat-burning swimming they do. Swimming laps in the pool is a total body workout and one of our favorite summer workouts. Give your body a push and swim laps for 30-45 minutes 3-5 times a week. Swimming works out your core, lats, arms, and legs, essentially everything all in one workout. Along with being a great workout, swimming can help recover your sore muscles. Swimming is a low impact exercise, so if you have any injuries this can be the perfect workout. If you are trying to shed the pounds quickly, swimming is an ideal workout to maximize your performance. When done consistently, you’ll notice a difference in your body just after a few weeks.

Push those Mountain Climbers

Want to push yourself to the next level? Mountain climbers are one of the key essential summer workouts to include in your routine. For those of you who don’t know, we are not talking about actually climbing a mountain, (even though that would be an excellent workout) we are talking about an exercise that can be done virtually anywhere. Mountain climbers are a great core workout, they workout your abdominals, triceps, glutes, and shoulders. To correctly execute mountain climbers, put yourself on all fours, with your knees not touching the ground, then move your knee to cross over to your opposite side elbow, repeat on the opposite side. Once you have the motion down, increase your speed to raise your cardio performance and accuracy.

Squat it Out

In a nutshell, squats are a phenomenal way to help you build your summer body. When you look at professional fitness models and bodybuilders one of the workouts that helps them sculpt a great physique is doing squats regularly. True, squats have been traditionally considered a leg workout, however, they are so much more than that. When doing a squat, you are building up core strength and actively burning away unwanted body fat. In a squat, you are using your own body weight as your resistance to execute the move correctly. To properly perform a squat, slowly go down using your thighs and glutes to help you lower down. When you stagger the resistance instead of using your body weight to lower your squat, you will maximize your squats to activate more muscle groups.

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