How to Find the Right Fitness Instructor

How to Find the Right Fitness Instructor

Staying on top of your workout routine can be a difficult task if you take it upon yourself. That’s why many health and fitness enthusiasts look for a fitness instructor to help them meet and exceed their fitness goals. At HiDow, we understand how important it is to have some company on your fitness path, whether that person is a workout partner, a nutritionist, a physical therapist, or a fitness trainer. The right person to guide you through your fitness journey can make all the difference. But trying to find the right fitness instructor can be challenging because each person will always have different teaching styles as well as different learning styles that help them be the most receptive person possible.

Which Emotion Do You Respond Best To?

When it comes to choosing the right fitness instructor to help you reach all of your fitness goals, it’s important to understand which personality type you will respond to best. There are a few common styles of fitness instructors, but for the most part, they will fall into the following categories.

Tough Love and Drilling

If you’ve ever participated in competitive sports, then you’re probably familiar with the kind of fitness instructor that thrives on tough love. This fitness instructor will push you to the edge of what you tough was physically and mentally possible because they know what you are made of. The drill sergeant style of fitness isn’t for the faint of heart! This instructor will make you build and stick to your workout routine, even when you want to take it easy.


If you don’t respond well to strict drilling but you just need somebody cheering you on to help motivate you, then you will want to find a fitness instructor who is more nurturing and compassionate. This fitness instructor will encourage you through each set and each rep and build you up through positivity.

A Spiritual Instructor

If you are big into Yoga, you are probably familiar with the kind of fitness instructor that takes you on a spiritual journey as you progress through your fitness goals. This instructor is likely very knowledgeable about spiritual practices that are excellent for strengthening your body, mind, and soul.

A Trainer With Experience

If you want to hit specific goals fitness goals that are relevant to your interests, like a sport or hobby, then you want to find a fitness instructor with experience in that field. If you play soccer (for example), finding a former professional player or coach who can take you through specific full-body workouts would benefit you more than finding a fitness instructor with a background in bodybuilding.

A Fitness Partner

Some of us don’t respond well to teachers when it comes to fitness. That’s where the fitness partner comes in. A fitness partner will go through the workouts with you, showing you the proper technique and accompanying you on your journey as an equal. This fitness instructor can be an accountability partner, your significant other, or a fitness coach you view as a peer. A fitness partner is an incredibly useful fitness instructor, especially if you don’t have time to go in for formal workouts and you’re just cramming workouts into your busy day.