7 Healthy Hacks For the Lazy

7 Healthy Hacks For the Lazy

A #GymRat is a highly motivated individual who hits the gym at 5 AM and squeezes another session at 6 PM. It sounds like the ideal lifestyle, right? But for the rest of us, the only thing we hit in the morning is the “snooze” button on the alarm. Still, you don’t have to be the next Kim Kardashian to have the perfect body. The secret lies underneath smarter strategies to trick the Lazy Warrior in you into making better choices. It’s almost effortless as you begin to see results in no time. The following are healthy hacks that are sheer genius.

Skip the Produce

image of a healthy hack to skip the produce aisle

Admit it. You’ve wasted money on produce left rotting in the fridge for days. And we’re sure it has happened multiple times until a few dollars turned into hundreds-worth. What if we told you to skip the produce aisle? Instead, go to the frozen section, where you can buy various fruits and vegetables.

We sense your skepticism but hear us out because frozen fruits and vegetables have a few advantages. Once the vegetables are plucked, their key nutrients begin to diminish. Fast forward to the warehousing process and the time it took to land on your dinner table; that’s a huge amount of nutrients lost. Contrary to that, frozen produce is plucked at its prime state for quality assurance. To top that off, they’re frozen right after harvest so that you can enjoy them even after a few months.

Multi-Task: Workout and Watch TV

image of a healthy hack of woman lifting weights while watching tv
Who says you must be a couch potato to enjoy your favorite shows? You can still be immersed in Game of Thrones without throwing away a much-needed workout. Think about it. Every episode is about an hour long, and if you need an excuse to pass the time, watching a newly released episode is the perfect excuse to break a sweat and gasp over who ultimately takes the Iron Throne.

Not into that show? That’s okay because any television is just fine. The point is you can do two tasks simultaneously and reap the benefits. Our suggestion, select one show dedicated to your workout. Only watch it when you’re on the treadmill, and once you’re done, turn off the tv. It might sound torturous, but it motivates you to get moving. Do this until you have created a workout routine you can be proud of.

Meal Prep For the Week

image of food prepared in containers as a healthy hack

Home-cooked meals sound appetizing every day, but for most of us, cooking isn’t on our schedule. After a long day at work, all we want to do is relax on the couch. So when a healthy meal becomes an issue, try meal prepping. Did you know? You’re more likely to stay consistent when meals are readily available.

All you have to do is pick a day to cook. Most people choose the weekends because it gives them time to plan their meals and grocery shop. Before you cook, ensure you have the correct ingredients and proper containers to store your meals. There’s no right or wrong way to meal prep, but some will go as far as preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

We guarantee you’ll thank yourself later when you have healthy meals available whenever hunger pangs come into the cue. Simply pop your meal into the microwave, and you’re enjoying nice home-cooked for in a few minutes. Not only will this improve your food discipline, but it’s a convenient way to start a healthy lifestyle.

Use the Slow Cooker

image of someone using a slow cooker as a healthy hack

Not a fan of reheated food? Make the slow cooker your ultimate BFF. Instead of cooking for the whole week, prepare to “cook” your meals every day. Simply add all your ingredients to one container and toss them in the slow cooker. When you’re home, a fresh home-cooked meal is waiting just for you. Ah, can you smell the aroma of spices now?

If you’re not familiar with how to cook with a slow cooker, there are plenty of recipes online! From roast beef to peach cobbler, the resource is unlimited. So prepare those ingredients because you’re about to eat some delicious meals.

Make Your Snacks Readily Available

image of snacks in containers as a healthy hack

Snacking is an issue when you’re uncertain about portion servings. One package of Oreos is already 1400 calories! How often have you finished half of the packages’ content in one sitting? We can’t blame you. Oreos are quite delicious. To prevent yourself from overeating, prepare your snack in small containers. If you want to go the extra mile, label their calorie count so you know about your consumption.

At the same time, snacks in small containers are easy to grab and go to! Take a bunch of them with you to combat unhealthy eating habits in the office. So don’t forget to prepare healthy snacks, especially when you don’t have time for anything else.

Prepare Your Workout Clothes the Night Before

image of prepped clothes as a healthy hack

How often have you planned on working out when suddenly, you don’t have the proper clothing? It’s a nightmare to feel motivated to exercise when your apparel gets in the way of productivity. One way to solve this issue is by preparing your workout clothes the night before. If you use the treadmill at home, place the clothes in the workout room so all you have to do is change there!

It’s simple arrangements like this that make a difference. That way, you have no excuse but to exercise.

Sleep in Your Workout Clothes

image of a woman sleeping in her workout clothes as a healthy hack

Okay, if you feel EXTRA lazy, sleep in your workout clothes. Seriously! Many of us wear loose-fitting clothes at the gym because we want to feel comfortable. Sometimes, the most annoying part about working out is the part about getting ready. But what about when you’re already set to run the moment you open your eyes?

This simple and easy hack will save you tons of time and will motivate you to get up! After all, it’s not always about the exercise we drag the most. So, skip the preparation once and for all.

Use Smaller Plates and Bowls

image of someone eating off of a small plate as a healthy hack

Did someone in the family cook up a delicious meal? You can still indulge in food if you keep your portions to a minimum. To do this, opt for small plates and bowls to trick your perception. Filling up your small plate will make you think you took a huge portion, but you didn’t.

So there you have it! Implementing these simple hacks to your daily routine will trick your mind and body into making healthy choices. Who says you need to be super disciplined to shed a few pounds anyway? Using the hacks we at HiDow International mentioned will transform the Lazy Warrior into a champion!