How To Start Living An Active Lifestyle

How To Start Living An Active Lifestyle

The best time to start an active lifestyle is when you are mentally and physically ready! Getting started is always the toughest part, but that shouldn’t stop you. HiDow is breaking down the best methods to start living an active lifestyle.

Tips For An Active Lifestyle

The first tip to live an active lifestyle is, to be honest about your fitness goals. Not everyone will have the same amount of time as others. So, be honest about the time you’ll allow yourself to exercise. The recommended weekly amount of physical activity is 150 minutes a week. This can be broken down into five 30-minute sessions a week. However, if this amount is not possible, then that’s okay! Start at a comfortable amount of time that you can. Also, when it comes to weight loss then, give yourself enough time to lose weight. Giving yourself a huge goal at the beginning can be demanding for many. Lastly, remember to listen to your body during and after your workout. If pain is happening, then stop immediately. TENS/EMS devices can also help with pain recovery and body recovery.

Find A Workout Plan

The next tip to start living an active lifestyle is to find the right workout plan for yourself. Again, not everyone will have the same fitness goals as others. Some will want to lose weight, while others might want to get stronger at the gym. Whatever choice you make is the right one because it best fits your lifestyle! Consider getting the right fitness instructor if you’re new to exercising. Beginning with steady-state cardio and increasing intensity over weeks is the best way to implement cardio exercise. Bodybuilding and powerlifting training is another training that helps muscle building and conditioning.

Allow Muscle Recovery To Happen

Remember, when beginning an active lifestyle, give your body the right amount of sleep, nutrients, and time for muscle recovery. Beginners will have a longer time to recover than experienced people. So, remember to listen to your body when recovering from a workout. Not listening to your body will lead to injuries and prevent you from living an active lifestyle. Sleep is also vital for muscle recovery and brain function. When the body sleeps for 8 – 10 hours, then it repairs any tissues and gets rid of old and dead cells. This routine maintenance work will allow you to exercise in the most optimal health.

Cut Down On Unhealthy Habits

The biggest and most important tip on how to live an active lifestyle is to reduce unhealthy habits. These can include poor choices in sleep, diet, and tobacco & alcohol consumption. Limiting the amount of tobacco and alcohol will hurt your fitness goals. Tobacco attacks the respiratory system, which prevents the lungs from operating in a normal capacity during exercise. Alcohol consumption slows down the muscle-building process and leads to excess calorie consumption. This increase in calories can lead to weight gain. Lastly, any poor choice in diet will also lead to excess calorie consumption that causes weight gain. It’s best to avoid drinks high in sugar and foods high in fats and carbohydrates.

Maintain A Balanced Diet

When starting an active lifestyle, it’s best to maintain a balanced diet. Eating nutrient-dense foods will fuel your body for the next workout. A balanced diet doesn’t have to be a restrictive diet. It means being aware of your eating habits and the food you eat. Foods rich in protein and fats and lower in carbohydrates are the best. Avoid any highly processed foods or drinks that are high in sugar. These types of diet choices will negatively impact your overall health over some time.