June Health Tips For Men’s Health Month

June is men’s health month so now is the perfect time for you or the man in your life to take a step back and think about your health. There are a variety of health issues that disproportionately affect men in this country and it seems as though many men simply don’t have the knowledge on how to fight back! So what are a few things we can do this month to make a positive step towards better health? Use these June health tips from HiDow International as a jumping off point to start talking about men’s health issues and what changes you can make in your daily routine to help improve your health overall.

Eat a Seasonal Summer Diet

June is a great time to tweak your diet to get a little healthier. Nutrition is vital to your overall health and if you are fueling your body with low quality food then obviously you are going to feel worse overall. So let’s try to cut back on alcohol for starters. The negative health impacts of alcohol on the body are well studied so no need to dive in too deep. Simply cutting back on your alcohol intake can vastly increase your total health. Eating a higher variety of greens in your diet is another way to see some positive health impacts.

Be Proactive

Did you know women are almost twice as likely than men to see a doctor? How can you start to make positive changes for your health if you can’t even identify what’s wrong in the first place? With more than 13 million men diagnosed with diabetes and one in two men being diagnosed with cancer it’s clear that there are severe health issues that just may come into your life. Going to your annual check up is like checking on your car after the check engine light comes on. There isn’t always going to be a catastrophic issue, oftentimes it’s simply a little additional care and maintenance that can help keep your health in check. So take advantage of the medical professionals we have at our disposal to keep a close eye on your well being. Relax

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