8 Sure Ways to Shed Body Fat

7 Healthy Hacks For the Lazy

Losing your belly fat isn’t just to get sexy or svelte. To shed off body fat means getting rid of serious health complications that entail obesity, such as cardiovascular diseases and a few types of cancer. Unfortunately, the World Health Organization estimates that about 300 million people suffer from obesity, and one billion adults are overweight. This number makes you wonder, “Where do I stand?”

Shed Body Fat the Healthy Way

Sure, there’s a fast way to shed body fat, but it could complicate your journey of keeping it off. When you want to lose those extra pounds permanently, it’s best to condition your body to a healthy lifestyle. Now, the question is, are you one of the individuals that need to address their excess fat? For men, body fat percentage should be no greater than 20 percent, while 30% for women is considered high! There are no shortcuts to slashing fat, so when you’re ready for the long haul, the following are ways you can address it:

1. Focus on Strength Training to Build Muscles

You can use cardio to burn fat, but did you know that muscles can burn it, too, even when resting? Take advantage of this by building a workout routine that brings results. If you’re doing some strength training but are not getting results, you may want to change your style. Try bench presses, deadlifts, bend-over rows, and upright rows. Start with two to six sets until you’re comfortable.

2. Practice Clean Eating

You can’t avoid a bad diet without exercise. Simply put, you need to address poor nutrition with meals rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. We’re talking about getting rid of guilty pleasures like deep-fried food, candy, ice cream, cookies, and cake. After that, purchase low-energy-density products like fruits and vegetables. To make it easier, skip the aisles at the grocery store. Instead, shop around the perimeters where you can easily access whole foods.

3. Stay Active

Don’t limit yourself to just exercise. Implement an active lifestyle that helps you keep burning calories. Join a yoga class or organize a weekly hiking event with friends and family. Get creative with your activities, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or biking to work instead of driving. Whatever helps you get moving to shed extra calories is essential to losing extra fat.

4. Eat Small Meals

Pace yourself when it comes to eating your meals. Sometimes, snacking every three hours is better than having a huge lunch. Doing this will prevent you from overeating come dinner time. Whatever meal routine works for you, do it. The trick is to find a way to not binge at the end of the day.

5. Scan the Menu

Eating out is a spell for diet disasters, but that’s not always true! While you’re giving up a bit of control by not cooking your meal, you can make smart decisions. Look at the menu, and ask the waiter how they cook a dish. You want to select entrees that are steamed, broiled, baked, or boiled. Also, consume meals with a side of vegetables instead of fries.

6. Choose Indulgent Snacks

Yes, you can have snacks like dark chocolate and red wine. Not only do they have the ability to fight inflammation, but they can burn fat thanks to the antioxidant catechins. You can also find this in apples, berries, and green tea. When you feel like treating yourself minus the guilt, try fresh fruits with a drizzle of chocolate. We at HiDow International guarantee satisfaction.

7. Don’t Skip the Water

Skip dessert coffees, lattes, sweet tea, and flavored juice that is high in calories. Instead, drink a glass of water. This simple drink will hydrate the body, boost metabolism, and keep it functioning optimally. To prevent overeating, drink about a glass of water 30 minutes before eating. And before you grab a snack, drink water first. Sometimes, the body will trick you into thinking you’re hungry when you’re thirsty.

8. Eat Slowly

Always take your time eating. Not only will you feel satisfied, but your stomach will thank you. Chew slowly, and avoid eating in front of the television, where you can lose track of time. Remember, it takes about 20 minutes for your brain to realize that your stomach is full, so ensure you’re going over that time limit. Plus, it’s never a bad idea to taste all the flavors of your meal.