Working Out On Holiday

Working Out On Holiday

Did you know that your fitness starts to decline after just one week of inactivity? That can make staying on track with your fitness goals this holiday season difficult. Between bad weather conditions and taking a winter vacation to visit family for the holidays, it can be easy to skip your workouts. The issue with this is that it is difficult to pick up where you left off. At HiDow International, we understand how hard it can be to maintain your fitness goals over the holidays. Luckily, working out on holiday is easier than you think!

Why You Should Keep Working Out

Anyone who has made working out an integral part of their weekly routine understands how hard it can be to create good and healthy habits. The issue is that when we take an extended break away from maintaining the level of activity that our bodies are accustomed to, say two weeks, it changes in muscle mass and body fat.
This can be a very easy issue to run into over the holidays, especially when we add traveling to the equation. To prevent this decline in fitness, it is important to maintain some level of physical activity if possible.

If you’re ready to work out on holiday, here are a few things that you should consider:

Be Realistic About Your Expectation

One thing to keep in mind is that you need to be realistic about your workout goals while you’re on holiday vacation. First and foremost, the holidays are for relaxing, enjoying yourself, and spending time with your loved ones. It’s okay to not work out as hard or as much as you would if you weren’t on vacation. You may also run into the issue that you do not have access to a gym or exercise equipment. This will all inevitably limit you in your pursuit of a holiday workout, but remember that you can still get something out a bodyweight workout, a morning run, or even a long trek through the town.

Plan Ahead

Keeping up your physical fitness goals and working out on holiday is simple if you plan ahead.

  • If you are staying in a hotel: you can call the hotel that you are staying at and ask if there is a gym or workout room that is available to guests. These gyms will usually have the bare minimum essentials that you need for your workout: treadmills or other cardio machines, weights, and workout mats.
    If you are staying with family (or your hotel does not have a gym): you may want to pack some portable workout equipment such as resistance bands that can help you get a bodyweight workout in.
    Make being active a part of your daily plans.
  • Working out on holiday doesn’t have to be stressful! Getting your daily dose of fitness can be as enjoyable as ever when you’re on your holiday vacation. While you can probably expect to not get the same levels of intensity that you would get from an hour in the gym, you can still get plenty of physical activity out of your daily plans. Take long walks when you can, see if there are any walking or cycling tours available, or get adventurous and find trails to hike and explore. Ultimately, as long as you remain active throughout your holiday vacation you will find that you’ll stick to all of your fitness goals.