5 Smart Strategies to Sneak in Some Holiday Workouts

5 Smart Strategies to Sneak Some Holiday Workouts

Between gift-giving and spending time with loved ones, the holidays come with weight gain repercussions. But it doesn’t have to. The holidays are an ongoing season with numerous baked treats in the office, social gatherings, and parties. It’s no wonder the average American will gain a few pounds without even realizing it. And at this busy time of the year, it’s easy for people to postpone their workout a few days back because they don’t have time. But fear not. The following are HiDow International’s smart strategies to sneak in some holiday workouts.

How to Sneak Some Holiday Workouts

1. Bring Tubes, Bands, Jump Ropes, and More

Don’t forget to bring portable fitness equipment when you’re packing for the holidays. Download some fitness videos, and bring workout shoes and other gear that are lightweight and easy to travel with. You might also want to curate some inspirational memos to keep you motivated over the holidays. Also, when everyone is spending time watching a movie, this could be the perfect time for you to slip away for a few minutes of exercise. If you don’t want to leave home, you could also opt for leg lifts, push-ups, sit-ups, and yoga poses to keep your body moving. Not only are they quiet activities, but you don’t have to worry about disturbing others.

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2. Help Out With Some House Work

You can extend a helping hand by raking the leaves or cleaning up. It’s a good way to contribute to your family while you’re burning off some calories. For more workout time, you can volunteer to walk/run the dog or take the kids to the park. Cleaning up might already be on your list, so this is killing two birds with one stone.

3. Walk it Out

If you can walk to the mall for Christmas shopping, opt for that instead of driving. If that’s not ideal, take extra laps at the shopping center or park further away. Whatever you do, increase your activity by making small changes in your routine. Trust us; this will pay off.

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4. Consider Seasonal Activities

The holidays are about spending time with your family. Simply running around isn’t just for children; it’s for adults too! So go outside and explore your town! See where you can go ice skating with the family while sipping tea during your break. You can also go for a drive to the nearest outdoor activity, whether that’s hiking or snowboarding. This is not only adding some family time together, but you’re getting your heart pumping too.

5. Wake Up Early

Become an early bird and wake up an hour before everyone else to exercise. That way, no one will bother you, and no one will be surprised that you’re excusing yourself for some workout later in the day. The key is to keep this routine consistent. Add it to your schedule and treat it as a job. Keeping the weight off is easy when you know how to strategize for the season. Every step is important to keep your body looking incredible all year long.