Simple Ways to Achieve 6-Pack Abs this Summer

Simple Ways to Achieve 6-Pack Abs this Summer

The summer season has arrived which means, laying out at the beach, summer BBQs and a lot less clothing. As we are driving this summer, we may notice the shirtless runner jogging and his perfectly chiseled 6-pack or perhaps when laying out at the beach enjoying the tranquil sound of the waves, we notice the stunning woman in her bikini as she emerges from the ocean as the water and sun sparkles her perfectly defined flat stomach. We then think to ourselves, how can I get a 6-pack? But it seems impossible, so maybe those people are just lucky and born with perfect abs or maybe you don’t think you have the genes to allow you to obtain a six pack.

The truth is we all have six packs already, it’s just a matter of trimming the excess fat in our abdominal region to showcase them. Everyone is capable of craving a six-pack it just takes a mindset and dedication in order to make it happen. Each of us is different and has to find the right workout and diet regime to achieve our six-pack goals. There is no one particular method to achieve a six-pack, however, here are some ways to help you obtain one.

Watch Your Nutrition

The rumor is true, abs are made in the kitchen, your nutrition is going to be a large percentage as to whether your abs will be on display. Having a healthy balanced diet with high amounts of protein, fiber and water are key components to a building up your abs. Becoming familiar with nutritional values is a great asset when constructing a six pack. Take control and be aware of what you are feeding your body for nutrients.

Drink Plenty of Water

Keeping your body hydrated at all times, (especially during the summer) can have a major impact on your overall metabolism. Drinking cold water can not only increase your metabolism but can also have calorie-burning effects. Keeping hydrated enables your body to perform at its optimal performance which is essential for aiding in revealing those defined abs.

Do Your Planks

The plank is a simple way to actively engage your core to help mold your abs. When in a plank, you are creating increased stability in your core and activating all the tiny intrinsic muscles in your rectus abdominis muscles. To perform a plank properly, bend your elbows at a 90-degree angle, then rest your upper body weight onto your forearms. Your shoulders should be aligned perfectly with your elbows and your feet in the pushup position. Once in the position, tightly hold and engage your core for 60 seconds (or until failure) then rest for 10-15 seconds, repeat this cycle 3 times daily before you begin weight lifting.


There are many supplements on the market which can aid in helping define our abs, some highly recommended to include in your shopping cart. Whey protein is a great nutrition source to deliver your abs the protein they need for recovery after working them out. BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) are the building blocks to protein synthesis (building muscle) We deplete our natural storage of amino acids when we work out, so it essential to have them replenished after a workout to maximize our muscle building potential. Fat Burners/thermogenic are a great way to melt fat around our abs and also increase our workout performance. Fat Burners can raise our body temperature and destroy the fat and use it as energy.