How a Healthy Lifestyle Increases Your Life Expectancy

How a Healthy Lifestyle Increases Your Life Expectancy

As days progress and technology advances, we are often convinced that the key to a healthier and longer life is the improvements in the medical technology we have nowadays. However, the expensive, modern, and state-of-the-art medical equipment is not the key alone to adding more years to our life. In fact, a healthy lifestyle, which is free, is enough to keep individuals enjoying a long and healthy life.

Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle for a Longer Life

Everyone wants to age gracefully, because why not? Looking healthy and youthful even when you’re in your 60s, 70s, 80s, or even 90s is a dream come true. However, not everyone has the chance to live that long. The biology of aging is not very difficult to figure out anymore, thanks to the researchers and studies conducted here and there. Fortunately, living a long, healthy life is not impossible, and it’s very easy to obtain. Since a moderately healthy lifestyle is enough to get the benefits, you won’t think that avoiding obesity, not smoking, and moderate consumption of alcohol is an unrealistic goals. Here are healthy lifestyle tips from HiDow International that you can start today to increase your lifestyle.

1. Regular Physical Activity

The most important factor when it comes to lengthening life expectancy is no doubt exercise. Natural changes in the body include loss of muscle, reduced energy, and achy joints may tempt you to move less. But that will only cause you more harm than good. So speak to a doctor and find out what kind of physical activities suit you and your lifestyle best.

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2. Avoiding Obesity

Obesity was shown to be associated with a long period of disability and is a risk factor for early death and shorter active life expectancy. So make sure to check your BMI and stay at a healthy weight. A healthy lifestyle is associated with a strong increase in physically fit years. In other words, the years we gain through a healthy lifestyle are years in good health.

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3. Not Smoking

Smoking was found to be associated with early death but not with an increase in the number of years with a disability. So even though it’s a hard habit to break, it’s worthwhile to make that effort. The moment you stop smoking, health benefits already start flowing in.

4. Moderate Alcohol Consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption was found to be associated with both decreased lifespan and a reduced number of healthy years. Men who had fewer than 14 drinks per week and women who had fewer drinks than 7 per week are considered moderate drinkers.

The Bottom Line

Obesity, smoking, and unhealthy consumption of alcohol were all linked to a reduction in life expectancy and an earlier occurrence of disabilities. Just the absence of all of these risky health behaviors was found to be associated with the greatest number of healthy years. It is important to focus on prevention to avoid risky health behaviors ruining our bodies because they do have a huge cumulative impact. So while you are younger, you better start taking good care of your health so that aging gracefully and living a long life won’t be a problem for you in the future.

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