How To Have Perfect Posture

How To Have Perfect Posture

Do you have back pain? Maybe one of the reasons why you’re experiencing back pain is because of your posture. Having poor posture may contribute to upper and lower back pain. We’ll be breaking down how to have perfect posture.

What Is Posture?

Posture refers to the way your body naturally holds itself when moving or standing. Everyone’s posture is unique to the way they’re biologically built. Some people have a differently sized back than others. Regardless of the size of the back, it’s important to have great posture.

The first tip on how to have perfect posture is to make sure that your pelvic bones, spine, and head are in alignment. All three of these bone groups need to be in a straight even line. For some, they may have a straight back but their head is in a forward position and their pelvic bones are sticking out. Take a picture of your natural posture and adjust from there.

Use Swedish Posture Braces

The first tip on how to have perfect posture is to get a Swedish posture brace. This puts your back in a perfectly straight line to ensure great posture. It works by placing the Swedish posture brace around your back. Once the garment is on then it puts your posture in the correct position.

Having a great posture may lead to health benefits like fewer headaches and less back pain. For some, they’ll notice that they feel taller than before with the right posture. Remember, your posture is how your body holds itself when walking or standing. Having your posture in a straight line leads to the correct height, which may make you appear taller.

Do Back Exercises

The second tip on how to have perfect posture is to do back exercises. When muscles are weak then other muscles compensate for them. This may lead to back pain and other health issues. By strengthening your back muscles then the body has enough strength to hold itself up.

Lat pull-downs, yoga, and free weight exercises can help to strengthen your back. When muscles have enough strength then they may be relaxed in their natural position. This puts less strain on other muscles to compensate. Overall, this helps with your posture since muscles are not placed out of position causing your posture to suffer.

Avoid Slouching

For anyone that works long hours at a desk then avoids slouching at all costs. When the back is in an unnatural position then it reinforces bad posture. When your body has poor posture for long periods of time then it may lead to back and neck pain. Remember, poor posture is just your body trying to compensate for weak muscles.

One way to completely avoid slouching is to make sure your upper torso is in a good posture. Be especially aware of it when working at a desk. If needed, then take breaks to get up and stretch. By allowing the body to be in a natural position then it may improve your posture.

Be Mentally Aware Of Your Posture

The last tip on how to have perfect posture is to be mentally aware of your posture. This is something different if you’re not used to it but please make an effort. Be aware of the position that your posture is in and try to correct it throughout the day. This choice reinforces a good habit and becomes second nature. By having good posture then the chances of back pain and headaches may decrease.

Overall, keep all of these things in mind when trying to correct your posture. For extreme cases then it’s best to see a chiropractor. They may find a medical solution for incorrect posture.